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Service provider in the online shop of electronic address is SkillCrafting Tomasz Pietrzak company based in Szczecin, ul. Spring of Nations 99/6, 71-471 Szczecin, NIP 851-278-32-80, TAX 320 990 035.
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Contact the shop can be obtained via e-mail or contact form on the site, or call the phone 514 263 011
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The subject of the provision of services is a contract of sale.
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Commercial information on this website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Central Committee, but are an invitation to tender.
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The cost of issuing and receiving things borne by the Client.
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The technical condition required for the use of services is available by the Service to your computer, web browser and access to the Internet.
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Consumer within 10 days may cancel the contract from the date of delivery of goods.
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Warranty Procedure is included in the warranty card manufacturer. If that does not exist under non-conformity to the customer is entitled to two years for the advertisement purchased towaru.Miejscem complaint in this case is the seat of the company listed in the $ 1
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The condition of the contract is sent by the bidder to purchase the goods using the form at the store, e-mail or phone and its acceptance by the online store.
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The customer is obliged to pay the price at the time of receipt of goods or a prepaid account store or through online payment.
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Price is binding on both parties at the time of order. product price does not include shipping costs. the term of the contract is three days, but not longer than 30 days
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The delay in receiving the vendor will charge its costs of storing goods in the amount of PLN 5 for each day of delay.
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Service Provider (shop) warns that it may not accept bids without giving any reason.
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Personal information is protected and processed in order and to the extent specified in the Act dated 29.08.1997 "On protection of personal data" (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883).
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In matters not covered in these rules shall be governed by the Central Committee and other laws.
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Service does not collect any automated information, with the exception of the information contained in cookies.
Cookies (so-called "cookies") are computer data, especially text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user and the Service are intended for use of the Site. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which the storage time of the end device and a unique number.
The subject zamieszczającym on the edge Website User cookies and which reach them access the Service operator is listed in the $ 1
Cookies are used to:

a) improve the content of the Site for the User preferences and optimizing the use of the websites, in particular, these files allow you to identify the device's Service and properly display the web page tailored to their individual needs;

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1 Discount depends on the value of the products in your shopping cart.

25: 0.2%;
35: 0.4%;
50: 0.6%;
80: 0.95%;
120: 1.1%;
200: 1.5%;
300: 2%
500: 3.5%.

3 Discounts for regular customers.
Period over which purchases the customer will be aggregated (360 days). Depending on the amount of customer orders during subsequent contracts will be awarded an additional discount in the amount corresponding to:

100: 0.3%;
200: 0.7%;
300: 1.2%;
400: 1.8%;
500: 2.5%;
1000: 3.5%;
1500: 4.5%;
2000: 6%.

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Decorative Tape 35mm with white pompoms 1m
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Bright pink ribbon trim with tassels 1m 35mm
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Tape 35mm light blue trim with tassels 1m
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35mm red ribbon trim with tassels 1m
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35mm sapphire ribbon trim with tassels 1m
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Decorative Tape 35mm with yellow pompoms 1m
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35mm black ribbon trim with tassels 1m
1.08 Euro
35mm lilac ribbon trim with tassels 1m
1.08 Euro
Decorative Tape 35mm dark honey 1m sahara
0.54 Euro
Rivets studs cast entirely glossy silver hemispheres 14mm pack of 10
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Jets orange adhesive 3mm 1pc.
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Jets adhesive silver 3mm 1pc.
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